04 aug

Imaginative design by Danish ceramist

Bente Brosbøl Hansen

Danish ceramist Bente Brosbøl Hansen
Imaginative designs make up Bente´s trademark.
Being multiple world champion in throwing makes her artwork world-class.

She lives and works i Skåne, Sweden surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature.

Bente´s special design techniques are both precision and time consuming.
Her ever present creativity results in timeless design, which raises international admiration.

Every single work of art is unique, and we therefore see them as safe investments.
According to the people we know, the vases and the crocks on the floor match perfectly with our new-functionalism houses.

Galleri Flintholm feel for Bente´s artistry and her sense of shape and pattern design. We are proud to present Bente´s ceramics at Galleri Flintholm!

Best Regards,
Litten Gervang